"Dude, it’s Beacon Hills."  



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I’ve just realized how huge a nerd my playwriting instructor is

like not only does he have a TARDIS tattoo and not only did he base his (really good) play on Battlestar Galactica but he also said he dreams of finding true love at Comic-Con and constantly uses popular nerdy franchises for examples. And he’s the kind of nerd that when he watched stuff like bsg and dw as a kid he decided that instead of being an engineer and making stuff like that happen he wanted to write about it. aka my kinda nerd.

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demi + being queen

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Crystal Reed + Dylan O’Brien  

He’s so funny and talented.”

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you learn to take the little victories

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Honestly, I can’t be more confused about Salute than I am now.

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Once upon a midnight DEAL WITH IT.

I give a fuck, nevermore.

merely a bro, nothing more.

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Quoth the raven, “Swag galore”


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